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Keratin Blossom Detangler 250ml On Sale

Keratin Blossom Detangler 250ml

R 90 Sale R 110

Easy Brushing Detangler Spray

Blossom Pet Detangler, a versatile solution to enhance the shine and lustre of your pet’s coat. This powerful detangler can be used before, after, or in between baths, leaving a delightful fragrance that will last for hours.

By smoothing the hair shaft, it makes combing and brushing a breeze, preventing knots and tangles that can cause discomfort to your furry friend. Infused with Keratin proteins and hydrating agents, it nourishes and protects the hair strands, leaving them soft, moisturized, and healthy-looking.

With Blossom Pet Detangler, grooming your pet is fast and easy, and you’ll love the way their coat looks and feels. Say goodbye to tangles and knots, and hello to a shiny and healthy coat!

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